Indian and Pakistani girls from Telford reveal the sexual abuse they received

Girls of Indian and Pakistani descent from Telford are now revealing stories about the vile abuse they also received, shedding more light on the disgusting sexual torture many girls in that town endured.

One girl who has two Pakistani parents that immigrated to the UK revealed to the Sunday Mirror;  “The first time I was raped, I was only 11. I didn’t even know what sex was. I went from being an angel child to staying in bed, wanting to die.

“I’ve still never told my family. If I did, my dad wouldn’t be able to show his face in the mosque.

“It doesn’t just happen to white girls, it happens to us too.”

There is another girl who has claimed she was sexually abused from the age of 13, who said;  “The police don’t know about me, even though I was raped and abused like all my white friends.”

Holly Archy, a local community campaigner voiced concerns of radical extremists manipulating the crisis in the local area, going on to say; “I’ve spoken to several girls from Asian communities who have felt unable to come forward.”

The main concern here should be protecting vulnerable girls from sexual deviants whatever their religion, race or culture without fear of the PC brigade. All woman in this country should feel that the state and police authorities are doing everything they can to keep them safe from sexual vile abuse and properly punish those who perpetrate it. We cannot allow political correctness to let us turn a blind-eye to child grooming gangs…




Vile Telford grooming crisis: ‘Abuse is still happening’

The sickening scale of mostly underage grooming in Telford is truly devastating. Out of the seven spoken too five were either victims or a relation of the victims. It’s a national crisis!

There has been talk that Telford could very well be home to the biggest every underage child grooming crisis, with reportedly 1,000 or more victims have been systemically abused for forty-years. Westmonster  spoke to some of victims and many of them say the epidemic is still going on today.

Westmonster spoke to a homeless women reportedly abused, she said she was raped by one of the many grooming gangs she was just 14-years old. Apparently he was given a 20-year sentence, but he has been released early…

The lady, that Westmonster are calling “Sophie” revealed the inside workings of these grooming gangs.

Sophie, said: “I was homeless in a bed and breakfast. I wanted to go out so I went out for a drink and the next thing I know it was 12 o’clock so I was locked out of where I was staying. I was going to go to my mum’s but they ‘grooming gang’ said we should go with them.

“It was supposed to be a hotel just for me and my friend, nobody else. Next thing I can remember is waking up with my trousers and underwear round my ankles. That’s all I can remember in the hotel room. My friend’s gone, they’ve gone.

“My friend actually made out that they wouldn’t do something like that, they weren’t like that. But then a few weeks later they did it to her.”

When we look at the number of victims, she went on to say: “There’s probably more than 1,000. It wasn’t until 2 to 3 years later when police come back with Operation Chalice and they thought I could be one of the girls and I gave evidence in court.

“It’s messed my life up I’ve got multiple personality disorder because of it.”

Doesn’t this sound eerily similar? What took the police services such a long time to respond? How many vulnerable young girls had to suffer because of political correctness? With lenient sentencing for rape and grooming. What does that say to potential sexual predators if they can run a sexual slavery shop with too many girls too count and barely get a sentence for it…

She went on to say: “I was raped by one of the ringleaders. He’s out now. And it’s like he didn’t even serve half his sentence. I’m disgusted. It’s my life they’ve ruined and they haven’t been punished at all.

“It needs speaking about. These people need longer sentences, they need punishing a lot more. Police need to look into it more because with me they didn’t look into it at all.”

Worst of all? “It’s still happening,” She blasted.

The girl Westmonster are calling Sophie is just one of many people they spoke too who ended up with similar tragic fates, and if you believe the victims, like we do, they are nearly all from Pakistani-Muslim communities.

If you calculate the sheer numbers of victims of these vile grooming gangs in towns and cities such as Newcastle, Rochdale, Derby, Rotherham, Telford and Oxford, it sums up to about 3,000, if they had all perished from a disease, the emergency services and politically correct government would do something about it. Why has our treasonous government become so afraid tackling problems we face from ethnic minorities  and the Pakistani-Muslim community in particular?

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Lucy Allan, Telford MP: Attacks the BBC for “not standing up for white working class”

Lucy Allan, the MP for Telford was attempting to get answers in Parliament today regarding the vile grooming gangs and abuse in the constituency she represents, and also attacked the BBC.

This comes fresh after the state media company the BBC hardly covered the terrible set of events  on the website, up to 1,000 vulnerable young girls have been abused in Telford.

Just last night Telford MP, Allan posted on Twitter: “BBC not strong on standing up for white working class”.

Allan, also called for an independent enquiry into the disgusting grooming and exploitation that took place in Telford.

It comes as no surprise that we face another vile grooming gang epidemic  in the UK, but this does not make it any less disturbing or worrying…  We must fearlessly fight for the truth and force the government, local councils and the police services to tackle this national crisis head on!