James O’Brien: Claims ‘If Tommy Robinson Was Posher, He’d Be On Question Time’

The champagne socialist shocked his mostly left-wing audience by revealing he feels sorry for Tommy Robinson. But not necessarily for the reason you’d think.

Tommy Robinson former leader of EDL and until recently journalist for Rebel Media who is often seen in taking part activism and investigative journalism.

Obviously James O’Brien detests Tommy Robinson and is against near enough every thing he stands for but he made a shocking admission.

This is what James O’Brien had to say on his LBC show:   “It’s an odd position perhaps for me to find myself in but I feel sorry for Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the former football hooligan who founded the EDL.

“I feel sorry for him because I genuinely believe if Stephen Yaxley Lennon had gone to a minor public school and a wore chalk stripe suits and spoke with a plummy accent, I think he’d be on Question Time. He’d have a column in The Daily Express and quite possibly a show on LBC.

“It’s because he is very much a product of his socio-economic background that a lot of British people, who perhaps don’t find some of the stuff he’s done and said as repellent as I do, treat him very very differently to how they do the posher demagogues.”

Whilst I don’t like James O’Brien or much of what he stands for he has made a good point here. If Tommy Robinson had say gone to sixth form college and passed a few A-levels, then gone on to university and received a degree by now he would probably be employed be by a mainstream media organisation and appear on many shows like someone like Douglas Murray does.