BNN stands for British News Network.

We are in the fight for independence from the EU and national unity at home, promoting our heritage, history, culture and traditions.

We are in the front-line to expose radical religious extremism, political fascism, deep-state cultural Marxists beholden to no one, political correctness and whatever else the ‘Silent Majority’ needs to know.

 We are in the front-line fight for truth and justice in a world of “Fake News” reported by mainstream media organisations for the corrupt distortion of events taking place on a national and international level to suit their own narrative.

We also support the right of the British people to determine their own future, and demand a completely fair and unbiased BBC, I mean we do pay for it! We also support the 17.4 million people that voted to leave the EU, We would like the UK government to withdraw immediately.

We recognise the need for trade and allies and these can be delivered through less intrusive relationships with other nations that respect self determination, rather than as part of a authoritarian super state stretching almost across the entire continent of Europe and, perhaps soon, maybe even beyond that.

We are a completely independent media/news company and are in no way associated with any political parties in the UK, or abroad.

We are wholly opposed to mass uncontrolled immigration and the segregation in creates within our society. We are against multiculturalism, because we need to protect the identity, heritage and culture of the UK.

We support a sovereign Great Britain and Northern Ireland outside the EU but we are not not against other nations. We welcome people from all backgrounds who love the UK, Europe and the West.

Our dedicated team is small but we come from all across the United Kingdom.

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