The UK Monarchy’s constitutional role is to act as a politically impartial head of state. It is this function that has given the UK its political stability over the years whilst continental Europe (and many other parts of the world) abandoned this device and suffered from recurring bouts of instability and tumult (look at France, for example, with its revolutions, political violence, extremism and dictators-Napoleon and Petain to offer two examples).

The younger generation of Royals ate ignoring this convention and getting involved in politics. William is being clearly pro-Palestinian by stating that the people of the UK ‘stand with Palestine’. Such political intervention risks the future of the Monarchy by making it unpopular with sections of the community that may feel that it is against them. The Monarchy must be completely politically impartial. It must stop interfering in politics. The young Royals are destroying the institution they belong to.

This trend of the politicisation of the Monarchy is also a general trend within The Firm. The Queen has, since the Blair years, engaged upon a course of increasingly appeasing the UK’s vociferous left-liberal lobby by increasingly adopting their outlook. This became apparent a few years back when, during a broadcast to the nation, she stated that ‘Diversity can be a source of strength’.

This trend is vastly greater amongst the younger Royals, all of which regularly break the impartiality rule to back politically correct causes. By far the worse is Harry and Meghan. Harry himself is quite politically correct.(after all, he did marry Meghan for PC reasons). However Meghan is off the. charts when it comes to political correctness and getting involved in politics. She has been very vocally left-wing in the past, supporting a number of left-liberal causes, feminism, for example. This augurs extremely badly for the future as it seems unlikely that she will be able to contain her zeal for such matters.

All the above also bodes poorly for the future of the Monarchy, which is trying to transform itself into a politically correct institution in order to ensure its future with the left-liberal youth of the UK.

Should we re-assess our loyalty to such a changed institution after the present Queen dies?

See the following article:

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2 thoughts on “Is it time to re-assess our loyalty to the Monarchy?

  1. I disagree. The problem with a republic is: who could possibly get voted in? It leaves the door wide open for people like Sadiq Khan or Ken Livingstone to become President of the UK. No way,


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