Most UK citizen’s attitudes towards the Police are conditioned by their experiences of them during their childhood and adolescence and when they were younger, which,of course, took place some while ago now, Many people base their attitudes on how things were many years or even decades ago. It is natural to do this, but it has become increasingly apparent that the nature, practice and ethos of policing had changed dramatically in recent times and that subsequently it is now no longer wise to maintain the same attitudes towards them. Nobody who’s had any experience of the current Police force can possibly believe that they operate as they did in past years.

All modern UK police forces have been thoroughly re-structured and modern policing now follows an ethos that based on the left-liberal ‘policing by consent’ model. The reality on the ground of this shift is that the Police have become little more than the paramilitary wing of the multicultural cultural-Marxist elite and extremely antagonistic to anybody that is perceived to be against this left-liberal agenda. They see it as their job to run around making certain target groups, the ethnic minorities, women, homosexuals, immigrants ETC happy and secure and largely ignore normal Police activities like preventing or investigating crime.

The problem is that vast numbers of the UK public refuse to recognize this shift in Police ethos and still treat them as if they are operating as they did in the past. Consequently, this politicisation of the Police is not effectively opposed and we have witnessed the virtually complete triumph of metropolitan liberalism in the UK Police force today.

The only way to defeat the left-liberal elite is to stop living in 30 years ago under very different circumstances and recognize the reality of the modern cultural-Marxist Police MO. Don’t just accept it. Like all bullies,if you hit back they (eventually) back down. What’s needed is for the public to withdraw goodwill and support from the Police and if you’ve been treated badly by them, automatically complain. Even if no action is taken, if many people put these left-wing Policemen through the stress of complaint procedures eventually they will become worn down and will become discouraged. It is stupid to keep showing them misplaced good will when they don’t reciprocate. Then there is a chance that normal policing can be restored.

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