People who use narcotics in Scotland reportedly ingest more than anyone else when it comes to cocaine per session, don’t believe us this comes from a a worldwide report into the habits of drug users.

The 2018 Global Drug Survey examined the use of drugs over 130,000 people over around 44 countries over the world.

The scary statistic is that in Scotland people seem to ingest more than double the worldwide average of use.

There was a report into 15,000 users of cocaine, who claimed drugs were delivered  “More quickly than pizza” in Glasgow.

The report, that was done in a anonymous way, revealed  36.7% of users claimed that they would be delivered their drugs “within 30 minutes”

For people that use drugs in England the overall figures goes up ever so slightly to 36.8%. This puts them fifth on the rankings in the world.

Scottish people reportedly averaged 1.2g to be consumed in a single session, which is a lot higher compared to England where people average 0.7g in a session and reportedly worldwide the general rate to ingest is 0.5g per session.

According to some experts in drugs the purity of cocaine could be less pure in Scotland compared to other countries.

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