The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the hardened advocate of arguably radical elements of Islamic law and tradition has once again claimed his Islamic dictatorial government has still not given up on it’s hopes of one day becoming a full member of the EU.


Erdogan, spoke to his party faithful on Sunday night; “We have never given up on our goal of full membership to the EU, although lately we did not see the same determination and desire from our counterparts.”

Is that why bureaucrats in Brussels have been sending billions to Erdogan’s regime in Turkey? Is this the preparation of Turkey joining the EU? The billions that have been sent to Turkey has been called; ‘accession funding’ Very aptly named…

To make it that little bit more controversial Europeans auditors have blasted this disgraceful waste of money.

The United Kingdom is supposedly leaving the European Union, so the EU is looking too expansion policies. One of the Brussels bureaucrats, Donald Tusk tweeted;   “I have no doubt that it’s in the best interest of EU and Albania that the entire Western Balkans region is fully integrated into EU. The process will resemble more a hurdles race than a motorway. But full integration remains our common destiny.”

The European Union is a globalist organisation intent to trying to invent the notion of the world’s first non-imperial empire under the guise of a collection of states in a United Europe. The overall mission will always remain the same which is expansion. Like you even needed another reason to want to leave the EU…

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