There has been an announcement that the BBC will air Enoch Powell the former Conservative & Ulster Unionist MP, and former Minister of Health so called “Rivers of Blood” speech on Saturday on Radio 4 in full.

Apparently the speech will be voiced by Ian McDiarmid an actor, it will reportedly be broken into parts with commentators debating things that Enoch Powell said.

The actor playing Enoch Powell, Ian McDiarmid said; ‘Enoch Powell was no racist.’ but the Labour MP for Dudley North responded by saying; “I think Enoch Powell was completely wrong and knew exactly what he was doing.” and added;  “wrong to claim he wasn’t a racist. Completely wrong”.

To nobodies surprise lefties have been demanding the speech which will be aired is cancelled, The Guardian authored an article called: “The BBC must withdraw its dangerous Rivers of Blood broadcast”

This is the freedom of speech and people should be free to listen to what they like, whether you agreed with Enoch Powell’s policies or not, liked or disliked his speeches he was a phenomenal figure that was household name and still is, he has and had a right to to exercise his right to free-speech and people certainly have the right to like, dislike, commentate and critique on it… Or do they?

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