It is truly shocking that the UK is the only G7 nation that’s foreign aid budget hits the 0.7% GDP target, as the economy grows the foreign aid increased to £14 billion a year.

It’s crazy to think Britain’s mammoth £13.9 billion foreign aid bill totals more then France and Italy’s foreign aid expenditure put together. Italy only spent around £4.5 billion and France spent £8.8 billion, in total France and Italy spend £13.3 foreign aid whilst the UK’s seems to have no limit.

Japan spends around 8.9 billion on foreign aid, Canada spent roughly 3.3 billion, even Germany spends 0.66% of their GDP on foreign aid.

Whilst the government hands down cuts to the police, homelessness and poverty are at an all time high and our NHS struggles to survive it’s own crisis. Our government decides it’s a good idea hand away vital tax payers money places like India with it’s own space programme.

British taxpayers money should be prioritised on vital services in Britain that need funding.

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