The ghettoised national crime crisis does not look like it stop any time soon, you would be forgiven for assuming a Conservative government would set strict law on the unlawful possession of acid intended for vile attacks. It looks like no tough message on law and order in the UK.

But we should give them some menial credit, the new law does not send out a strong enough message. You will need to be caught at least twice with acid to end up serving a custodial sentence, it’s called the ‘two strikes’ rule.

But we all know what Britain’s lenient justice system is like, to actually end up in jail you need to caught at least twice.

This sends out a really weak message to any would be acid attacker: As long as you haven’t been caught with acid before, it’s very unlikely you will end up banged up in prison.

The Home Office stated: “The legislation will include a minimum custodial sentence for those convicted of a second or subsequent offence of possession of a corrosive substance in a public place.”

Reportedly the ‘minimum sentence’ is said to be a six month term in prison, what a joke!

The vast majority of people that carry corrosive substances like acid around with them are doing so to scare someone for life and cause them immeasurably pain and suffering.  Why should anyone going around with a substance like this be given so many chances before they end up in jail? If you carry acid around with the intention of causing someone harm you should be put straight on remand, not be handed multiple chances for the sake of leniency…

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