Five men were put on remand on the suspicion of murder, four of the cowardly murderers pleaded not guilty to the murder of Richard Hardy today, 4th April.

Hardy, 25 a local to Farnborough was brutally stabbed to death on Mayfield Road in Farnborough, Hampshire he received multiple knife wounds. Sadly, he was announced dead when he was found at the scene.

Omar Goodridge, 20 from Montgomery Way Portsmouth, Leroy Bosha, 26, from Aldwick Close in Farnborough, Hashim Siddique, 19, from Fintry Walk in Farnborough,  Qasan Siddique, 22, from Fintry Walk in Farnborough, pleaded not guilty to the murder of Richard Hardy.

Lutha Archaibald, 31, from Totland Close in Farnborough has not yet entered a plea.

The vile murderers have been put down for a further management case hearing taking place on the 6th of July, and the trial has been set for the 2nd October.

Sadly another life has been lost due to the ghettoised gang culture that has plagued London and the suburbia surrounding it for years, Totland estate was founded as a result of an over-spill from the GLC in London. Multiculturalism is a burden on British and Western society and culture.

All of these men remain on remand in custody awaiting trial. The saddest part is none of these murderers show any sign of empathy or remorse for the the victim of this horrendous murder or his family.

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