We do not live in normal times.The 70’s and 80’s  generation,especially men,face a number of strange new challenges from various sources-feminism, Islam, black power, the domination of the political scene by the forces of cultural marxism(due to the rise of the previous three factors) to name but a few.In recent years the ‘Conservative Pary”(a misnomer,nowadays, if ever there was one) has gone on a strange journey towards a cultural marxist destination and away from its conservative roots.This is typified by the call,not so long ago,from a CONSERVATIVE,for people to disinherit the 70’s and 80’s generation and leave their property and goods to the generation after them.And this person explained their views with the alarmingly left-liberal phraiseology that this would ’empower’ them(which shows the extent that the Conservative Party has been penetrated by cultural marxist ideology).

Consequently,as the 70’s and 80’s generation has all this to contend with,normal riules of engagement are suspended and we can’t be expected to conduct ourselves by the same old rules as under the previously prevailing conditions.We have to protect ourselves from the attacks of the left.If nobody else is playing by the normal previous rules,we can’t be expected to continue to observe these previous rules.

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