The UK’s feeble justice system has failed the people once again, with thousands of very dangerous criminal suspects being investigated for things like rape, murder other vile sexual crimes have been released with no bail conditions of any kind.

The BBC reported  that there is conclusive evidence of roughly 3,000 dangerous criminal suspects have been let out within a three-month period.

Reportedly 63 of these suspects, which included rapists and murderers, have also been released last year.

These offenders were shockingly taken straight out of high-security prisons out into the streets of the United Kingdom, all of them were released…

We are seeing absolutely no change in law and order on our streets in Britain whilst we champion this lenient justice system and hand hardened criminals small sentences for heinous crimes. We need key Minister’s pushing to tackle crime head on and rightly punish those who commit such terrible crimes. Rehabilitation can’t work for everyone, could Anjem Choudhary or Rolfe Harris be “Rehabilitated?”

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