Let’s face facts.Ultra-feminism and their fellow travelers in the liberal left have weaponized human sexuality against men.They have began and ruthlessly advanced a tactic of encouraging as many women as possible to make complaints against men based on the McPherson principle of ‘she says and it becomes true’,even if there’s no proof,which their very often isn’t as it’s simply a case of ‘he said,she said’ and there’s no hard proof either way.The Police nowadays automatically believe a woman’s complaint of sexual misconduct against a man,even if there’s no proof.This is another facet of McPhearsonism.Consequently,even if the man is found innocent in 10 seconds flat by the jury,people say ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ and a cloud of suspicion remains around him that ruins his reputation and also therefore the rest of his life.Added to this,this tactic is made a 1000 times worse by the fact that very often females are encouraged to simply just completely make up complaints,it’s not just a case of embroidering the truth about some bloke touching your knee into a major incident a lot and pretending to be outraged and hurt.Also,again,even if the man is found innocent,the feminists like the idea that the accused has been put through the mill as it’s serves their ends of unsettling the individual and general male psyche.This anti-male bias in the UK legal system has been highlighted by several high profile cases in which mem have been cleared after it has been revealed that the evidence against them is non-existent and the Police have simply pressed ahead with the case on the word of the woman.

This is the reality of life in the UK in 2017 for men.

© 2018 Patriotic People’s Populist Media.

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