Britain is being continuously lied to about the whole process of constitutional change.At the beginning,in the late 1990’s,the government of Blair assured us time and time again that devolution would be ‘an event’ (IE a one off happening) and not a process, or more or less continuous series of changes.The Scots,Welsh and the Province of Northern Ireland would get a parliament/assembly with devolved powers but this would be ‘within the UK’ and the House of Commons would retain responsibility for major issues (finance, foreign policy,the army ETC).

This hasn’t been adhered to.Over the years subsequent to devolution all the devolved bodies,but especially the Scottish parliament (and to a significant but lesser degree,the Northern Ireland Assembly) have slowly but surely accrued more and more new powers to themselves until we get to the current position where the Scottish parliament will have the highest degree of devolved autonomy that exists anywhere in the world (after the latest Scotland Bill comes into force).

We shouldn’t be surprised at this as Tam Dalyell predicted this happening back in the 1970’s during House of Commons debates on an earlier,similarly mad,attempt at devolution.Tam was a proud Scotsman who often fiercely and intelligently fought for Scotland’s interests in the Commons against all (especially English MP’s) who took Scotland for granted or who treated her unfairly and/or patronisingly, much to the chagrin of those people guilty of such actions.He fought Scotland’s corner in the Commons with great pugnacity and intelligence. However he realized that blinkered nationalism would lead Scotland into disaster.He also realized that Scotland’s best interests lay in maintaining the Union.He dismissed devolution as ‘…a one-way highway to independence with no roundabouts or turnoffs’.In his later years he criticized devolution as unworkable as it is in the nature of devolved assemblies to continuously attract more power to themselves,ending in the demand for independence.And look how true that turned out to be.

During the debate in Parliament in the mid-late 70’s on devolution Tam attacked devolution as unworkable as he thought that two parliaments in one country would simply lead to conflict over who controls what.Having two parliaments in a unitary country leads to the devolved region breaking away from the other part of the country as the two provinces can’t agree on who controls what and as the devolved region accrued more and more powers to itself it gains the (often false) impression that it can go it alone-it seeks independence.Again, recent experience has proved him right.

The Scottish independence question has been beset with lies and distortions from all sides.The SNP simply told (and continues to tell) one bold face lie after another in order to bamboozle Scots into voting for independence.It’s now obvious that they did this because they had no concrete policies for the post-referendum period if they won.Vague promises built on sand were all they offered (with a good dose of extremely unpleasant anti-English rhetoric).Luckily the sensible Scots saw through their mad plans.

But even the ‘unionists’ have misled us. Cameron’s ‘Conservatives’ weren’t really unionists and indeed actually believed that it would be good for Scotland to leave the Union,as this would mean that they would rule the rump UK in perpetuity as they could easily get a substantial majority in the Commons if Labour voting Scotland is removed from the electoral equation.His successor Theresa May is no different,and,whilst saying publicly that she doesn’t think that a second Scottish independence referendum is needed,has made no firm commitment to the Union and gives the impression that she would not defend it if Sturgeon started banging the independence drum again.She is cut from the same patrician cloth as Cameron and would simply cave in to the SNP’s demands for another referendum.What’s more, even though she didn’t have to,she would respect the result.She can’t be trusted to maintain the Union.Corbyn’s neo-Trotskyite Labour Party is indifferent towards the Union and this is highlighted by his assertion that ‘…I am not a unionist’.

The so-called ‘Conservative and Unionist Party’ are the worst of them all.Before the 2014 Scottish independence referendum Cameron promised that a ‘no’ vote would settle the question ‘for a generation'(25-30 years?).He asserted repeatedly that this was a ‘one off deal’ and that this didn’t set a precedent that would enable future referenda to be held.After the nearly 2-1 ‘no’ vote he re-asserted this.He called the vote ‘decisive’.Then,in order to frighten people into voting for staying in the EU he brought up the bogeyman of a second Scottish independence referendum if we left.Sheer scare-mongering and hypocrisy.

He knows he has the legal power (from both the original devolution Acts and the Smith Commission Report recommendations) to rule out a second Scottish referendum.It is perfectly clear from both the original devolution Bill and the later Smith Commission that the House of Commons retains full jurisdiction over constitutional matters,including the calling of referenda,not Holyrood.All this threatening of a second Scots referendum vividly displays the Conservatives real lack of honesty about the constitutional change issue-they have no real intention of sticking to Cameron’s original ‘one off deal’ pledge and will simply cave in to future demands for referenda from the SNP.Their misplaced patrician gentlemanliness means that even though they have the legal right to they won’t deny the Scots future referenda if they ask.They can’t be trusted on this issue.

We have been continuously lied to and misled from day one about constitutional change by everybody involved in the process and their deceit will lead the UK to ruin,unless we stop them.

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2 thoughts on “Devolution and independence-lies and deception from everybody since the beginning

  1. An interesting viewpoint, but I totally disagree that Scotland should remain in a Union that does nothing but steal from Scotland. They keep telling us that we are too poor, too wee and too stupid to run our own affairs, yet look at the mess England is in. For example, look at the mess of the English NHS, what they haven’t sold off is collapsing. The poverty levels of the people is astonishing when the UK is supposedly one of the richest nations in the world. The tories, some of the labour and libdems are millionaires and are making more money than ever through tax havens, which the government has no intention of sorting out. We in Scotland do not vote for a tory government. Only about 12 per cent of Scots actually vote for them, yet we are ruled by them. Where else in the world does there exist a parliament in a country where they have ‘foreign’ parliamentarians from another country. Only Scotland as far as I can find out. Look now at the mess of ‘Brexit’ ! The Northern Ireland problem, the racism, and how the economy is now going to suffer. I get so annoyed when they broadcast from England at how the English are always saying that ‘they have their England back’ !!! I have no hatred for the English, I have English relatives and N Ireland relatives too. What the tory government are doing are disrupting the lives of all four nations to their own advantage ! All they want is to make the UK a tax haven for themselves and their donors. The EU want to bring in a law to stop all these loopholes in the taxes and prevent tax havens. The tories do no want that. The government was also advised to sort out the oap pensions as they are the lowest paid out. Instead they have given themselves and the lords a pay rise ! The number of food banks are at an atrocious rate in increasing, and the tories think that the people of the UK are doing a great job! Yet the subsidy to feed these mps and lords is rising to over 5 million, which the tax payer is having to fork out ! They keep going on about ‘austerity’ cuts, there is no need for them. They keep going on about having to reduce the ‘deficit’ so that our children and grandchildren won’t have to worry, but they have increased the national debt to almost 2 trillion pounds, debt that our children will never be able to pay for decades if not longer ! Talking about money look at the mess of the councils down in England, for goodness sake … one council (can’t remember which one) has gone bankrupt, it is run by a tory council, by the way. Scotland needs to break away. We have a very resourceful nation and an economy, although slow at the moment is starting to grow. Our exports do very well, but with Brexit looming, goodness knows what will happen then, I really fear for the future of the UK as a whole. You also mentioned something about the referendum being left for ‘a generation’, perhaps 25 or 30 years. Well in my humble opinion the next generation is already here…. it’s the children who have grown into adults and are able to now vote ! I get so fed up with Scotland being run down. A lot of this is caused by the media, who are owned by tory donors. The real truth is in print, mostly from the UK government sites, but are very hard to find sometimes. What really baffles me is the fact that people believe all these lies that the media print and broadcast on tv…. what is wrong with them ? Why do they feel the need to be ruled by a ‘foreign’ country. One that has different values. I repeal that Scotland is a very resourceful nation, and is time too break away from the UK before we are sold down the river by Brexit.


    1. Hello again Patricia.You give a long list of hackneyed old nationalist canards then fail to provide any verifiable evidence to back them up.Perhaps you could enlighten me?How is Scotland being stolen from by the Union?Please be specific and provide concrete empirical evidence to back up your assertions.Patricia,the raw economic data,produced by your own Scottish executive makes it 100% clear that an independent Scotland would face an annual multi-billion pound deficit in income.How will you make this up (DON’T say oil revenue please)!Here’s my evidence;

      The bottom line is that the money’s not there for independence.

      It is a very disingenuous tactic to divert attention from the weakness of your position by saying that England is worse than Scotland so that makes the current poor state that Scotland is in all right.It doesn’t.The manifest failures of the SNP across the board,in the economy,education,health Et Al is now publicly acknowledged by over half of the Scottish population,who think that they have failed to deliver better living and working conditions for the ordinary citizen according to a recent Panelbase poll.

      Here’s my evidence for the SNP’s failures in health;

      You drag up the ‘we have loads of resources’ canard again.Again,the facts don’t back this up.GERS shows that an independent Scotland’s total income from all its resources combined still leaves a gigantic deficit (see my GERs Chokkablog attachment above) and you only have about 15 years of profitable oil left,as most experts are now in consensus on;

      I say that there shouldn’t be another referendum on independence for another 30 years as both Salmond ans Sturgeon repeatedly said before the referendum that it was a ‘once in a generation’ event,then changed their minds when they lost.Simple fairness dictates that they shouldn’t have another poll for at least 30 years.Watch this;

      It’s also very trite of you to shout that ‘it’s all a conspiracy by the English Tory media’Do you think that The Guardian is a Tory media outlet?Of course not and I’ve quoted them in evidence in this reply.You end your peroration by trying to assert that England is a foreign country and Scotland has different values,so why should they rule us (I’m paragraphing your argument).I would point out that the majority of your fellow Scots don’t agree with this point of view,as the 2014 referendum and 99% of subsequent opinion polls vindicate.


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