Our beautiful blue original British passports without “European Union” defacing it are going to be made in France. Just last night The Sun revealed the contract to make these passports will be made by a French company.

De La Rue a British company narrowly lost the £490 million contract to a French security company Gemalto.

Priti Patel conservative Brexiteer blasted  it was “a disgraceful decision” and went to say “this should be a moment that we should be celebrating. The return of our iconic blue passport will re-establish the British identity.

“But to be putting the job in the hands of the French is simply astonishing. It is a national humiliation.”

Patel, even went on to urge Amber Rudd the Home Secretary to “look again” at this clearly rash contract.

This should not even be up for debate! British passports should be made somewhere in the British isles, it’s not a lot to ask for.

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