The crime wave in London shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Unfortunately a further two men were stabbed to death on Monday, the statistics are truly shocking! Seven people have been stabbed or shot in London since last week on Wednesday.

reportedly one of the men was attacked in Southall at around 5.00pm. Unfortunately he later died in hospital.

The other man was reportedly found with stab wounds on Monday night in Walthamstow. Apparently paramedics done what they could to save him but he was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

If that was not enough to make you realise the scale of violence in London, the London Evening Standard reported that two young boys were taken to the hospital with stab wounds in Streatham.

It’s absolutely shocking that since New Year’s Eve twenty or more people have been stabbed or shot in the capital and worse yet a fourteen-year old boy was shot very recently. 

I ask when will political establishment wake up to these plain and simple facts? The situation we find ourselves in is a national crisis, we need more bobbies on the beat keeping the streets safe. Our lenient approach to violent crime is clearly not working.

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