Malcolm Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch, is one of several UKIP peers that holds a seat in the House of Lords and is even led UKIP for a short time, he spoke out against the Telford grooming gang crisis. He demanded the government respond to his question of if they would push Muslim leaders to answer whether or not  this behaviour is sanctioned in Quran, the Islamic holy book. And also asked whether or not they would ask Muslim leaders to put out a fatwa against the vile abuse of children.

He also questioned the government on a proposal of discussing the many forms of Islam and if it was still possible to  “without being accused of hate crime?”.


Not long after, Lord Pearson was interviewed by Tommy Robinson. While being interviewed he attacked the House of Lords as being “Europhile” and “Islamophile” and also went to to claim that peers are completely disconnected from normal people.

Lord Pearon also went to say “Racism is idiotic in this context, because Islam is in every race on the planet so, it isn’t racism whatever else it is.”

It’s always refreshing to know there is a one or two peers that are prepared to represent the voices of millions of disenfranchised working class British people, that live in constant fear of being labelled a racist for pointing out failings within a barbaric third-world ideology when it’s taken in it’s literal interpretation.

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