Brand new details have emerged from the Office for Budget Responsibility reveal the British government plan will mean that the UK will keep on handing to the EU for decades, reportedly with parts not being fully paid off until 2064.

The UK will hand the EU s £37.1 billion in the years between 2019 and 2064, and £16.4 billion will be paid between 2019-2020, £18.2 billion between 2021 – 2028 and lastly  £2.5 billion will be paid in between the years of  2019 – 2064.


And this only looks at current commitments, the European Union is going to further bully the UK, and use a authoritarian strategy to attempt to dissuade  other’s from following the same path.

Can we honestly justify being blackmailed by the EU until 2064? Brits voted to regain sovereignty and to spend their taxpayer money in Britain not the EU.

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