Guy Verhofstadt, the veteran Euro-fanatic and former Prime Minister of Belgium has called for an EU army and closer political integration between EU-member states to eventually create a “United States of Europe”.

Verhofstadt, 63 has said things like we face a growing threat from US President, Donald J. Trump, Russia and Islamic radical extremism. He went on to call for even more political unity.


Guy Verhofstadt also claimed 60% of Europeans support an EU army.

Verhofstadt was asked by Matt Frei, from LBC: “What you want is a proper United States of Europe. Fiscal union, monetary union, defence union and political union.”

When the Euro-fanatic MEP, Verhofstadt replied he didn’t exactly deny the accusation, but tried to cover it up by saying it would minimize the European Commission, which is an executive arm of the European Union.

Guy Verhofstadt, scoffed: “I don’t want a commission with 28 commissioners as it is today. I want a smaller, real European government.

“With 12, with 15 members and not more than that.

People like Verhofstadt are commonplace in the EU parliament and many bureaucrats also want the exact same thing, the world’s first non-imperial empire the “United States of Europe”. We need to leave the EU right now!

The longer the Brexit negotiations are dragged out the more likely we are to stay what we already are a semi-autonomous protectorate kingdom shackled to EU, we need to Leave the EU and Single Market, Repeal the European Communities Act 1972, Leave the European Court of Justice’s Jurisdiction, Leave the European Convention on Human Rights and start Negotiated Trade With Europe!


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