Reportedly the majority of the British public think the EU is attempting to bully the UK during the so-called ‘Transition Period’.

The ORB poll conducted by the Telegraph: revealed 67% of British people believe “the EU is trying to bully the UK in the Brexit negotiations” And only 17% disagree.

Shocking statistics came to light. 87% of people that voted to leave the EU reckon the Brussels are attempting fascist bullying tactics, even 49% of people that voted to remain in the EU also agreed.

The European Union is continuing to try and bully the United Kingdom into worse terms whether it’s the Northern Ireland border dispute, attempting to bully us into cash bribes, a total disregard for our territorial waters and for our fishermen, our government should not stand idle by doing nothing.

Brits are now well aware of the Euro-fanatic stratagem. I don’t think the British people would batter an eyelid if we immediately left the EU and all it’s mechanisms tomorrow, do you? The European Union is simply trying to make an example out of Brexit Britain to dissuade other nations from taking back control and becoming fully independent sovereign nation-state democracies again.


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