An elderly gentleman has sadly died in a hospital reportedly due to ‘dangerous overcrowding’, don’t believe us this is according to a health trust.

The hospital which is called the Northampton General Hospital has reportedly seen an influx of 30% more patients compared to last year at around the same time, disgustingly the 85-year-old gentlemen was waiting many hours for the right treatment for his heart problems.

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust’s medical director,  Matthew Metcalfe sent an E-mail was reportedly leaked to the Health Service Journal, is read: ”Last night a patient died due entirely to the dangerous overcrowding of the department.

“The risk we have all been aware of, but may have felt hypothetical, has just happened.”

You always get people making excuses about colder weather or our population getting older, but really we should be highlighting the fact that the massive spike in our population, mostly due to mass-migration and open border, has an unprecedented impact.

Our population surged by  538,000 in the year that ended in June, 2016, reportedly 62% was a direct result of mass-migration.

The British government must start controlling the borders otherwise infrastructure and social cohesion will continue to fail at an alarming rate never before seen.

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