Arguably the world’s leading Islamic reformer against Islamic extremism,Imam Tawhidi, has mocked the Mayor of London by saying, he is “unfit to manage a McDonald’s, let alone the city of London.”

Tawhidi was interviewed by Tommy Robinson former leader of EDL and until recently contributor to Rebel Media. The Imam spoke about how Sadiq Khan is despised in the Middle East almost solely because he’s not a “white British man”.

He went on to say how: “The people in your government right now are not qualified to lead at all.

“So from the lowest form of government. Which is the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan… Up to Theresa May.

“I wouldn’t have him ‘Sadiq Khan’ manager of McDonald’s, let alone Mayor of London.

“I’m not joking, honest, I would not have him manager of McDonald’s.

“In fact, the whole world.  The whole Arabian Gulf. I don’t want to sound racist but this is the reality. To them, London was like paradise on Earth.

He finished by saying: “When they heard that the Mayor of London is not a white British man who knows the values & history of this country and he’s a man of Pakistani descent, they lost respect for London.

“Why? Because Pakistani’s don’t have that position in the Arabian Gulf. If you’ve been there, you’ll know what the situation is like.

“We don’t want to sound racist but this is the reality.”

How the hell did London vote Sadiq Khan in as Mayor of London when Imams and many people in the Middle East think he’s a complete joke and liability? Many Londoners are also see what riotous situation the capital city has found itself in with surging crime rates such as Acid-attacks, gun-crime, knife-crime and gang-culture all becoming an everyday normality to read about.

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