The Euro-fanatic Ryanair boss, Michael O’Leary is trying to bully the British by threatening to ground aircraft to make them re-think Brexit. The Euro-fanatics have literally lost their minds.

O’leary stated:  “I think it’s in our interests.  Not for a long period of time. That the aircraft are grounded.

“It’s only when you get to that stage where you’re going to persuade the average British voter that you were lied to in the entire Brexit debate.

“You were promised you could leave the EU and everything would stay the same. The reality is you can leave the EU, yes that’s your choice, but everything will fundamentally change.

“When you begin to realise that you’re no longer going to have cheap holidays in Portugal or Spain or Italy, you’ve got to drive to Scotland or get a ferry to Ireland as your only holiday options, maybe we’ll begin to rethink the whole Brexit debate.”

The EU supporting establishment figures are still trying to re-verse Brexit and bully the British into membership of an undemocratic political club we have already conclusively voted to leave. “Project Fear” is still alive and well it seems…

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