The former UKIP leader, MEP and LBC contributor Nigel Farage made a brilliant appearance on the most recent Question Time, attacking the arrogant Euro-fanatics like Sir John Major.

Farage absolutely slammed Major, he confidently blasted:   “You know for John Major to say, and they’re all doing it, ‘any of you here who voted for Brexit you’re thick, you’re stupid, you don’t understand what you’re doing’, we’re sick to death of insults and people like John Major.

“We knew exactly what we were voting on. We voted to become an independent country, full stop!”

The Brexiteer also stated ahead of our Prime Minister’s speech, he went on to say how Theresa May must show real leadership, to hand the bully boys in Brussels a message that if they continue their undemocratic stance towards us we will simply walk away.

It comes as no surprise once again Nigel Farage backs Brexit and blasts the government, Prime Minister and former political leaders for their refusal to back the mandate of 17.4 million people in this country.

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