Chief Brexiteer and LBC presenter, Nigel Farage MEP blasted one of our former Prime Minister’s, Sir John Major  ‘negative’ Brexit speech yesterday where he ordered MP’s  to vote against Brexit for a second and very undemocratic referendum.

Nigel was none too happy about Major’s intervention and absolutely tore into him for his lack of belief in Britain.

Mr. Farage blasted:  “Negative negative, negative , negative. Compromise, Sir John Major? She virtually gave the country away before Christmas in an attempt to keep her party together and try to get the thing to move on.

“Sorry, John Major is wrong. We are a great country, we have voted for Brexit because we believe in governing our country and making our own way in the world. Don’t know about can’t, the word is can. We can do whatever we want.”

The British public have already spoken they do no need to exercise their right to vote in a referendum again it is not up to some tyrannical Euro-fanatic MPs in Parliament to decide whether we stay a member or not. The people is this country are sovereign, not those in Parliament. Farage is not wrong here… We need to start being more optimistic about Brexit to paint a brighter future for our soon to be fully independent sovereign nation-state democracy.

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