Social media giant Facebook have not found any evidence that Russia had any involvement in the campaign to withdraw the UK from the EU in the referendum.

Facebook experts did not find a shred of interference from Russian accounts during the historic campaign to leave the EU.

Facebook’s director of policy in the UK, Simon Milner wrote a letter, addressed to Damian Collin a Conservative MP, the head of the parliamentary committee on digital culture, media and sport claimed any investigations to find any evidence on Russian influence in the campaign was non-existent.

“The investigative team did not find additional and coordinated Russian-linked accounts or pages supplying advertising in the UK within the framework of the referendum on the EU during the relevant period, in addition to the minimal activity that we reported earlier,” the letter states. 

Not long ago an investigation by Youtube also found no evidence of any Russian interference.

Whilst some people could argue it’s in Russia’s interest for the UK to leave the EU, the Russian government had absolutely nothing to do with it and it’s a complete hoax that people claim that Russia are hacking elections and referendums in the UK and USA.


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