As the UK braces itself for icy conditions, reportedly Farnborough was the coldest location in the country last night.

In usually temperate Farnborough temperatures dropped as low as  -8.9 degrees Celsius.

Amazingly! It shared the honour Altnaharra. Which is a very small hamlet in the Highland in Northern Scotland.

A spokesperson from the Met Office told Eagle Radio:  “showed the depth of the arctic blast we’re experiencing, and will be experiencing for some time.”

This comes fresh after forecaster’s predicted extremely cold temperatures this very week. Some report it to get even worse.

Scarily tonight the temperature could drop as low as -9 degrees Celsius in Surrey and Hampshire.

There has been an amber warning for Surrey and a yellow warning for some parts of the county of Hampshire.

This means snow showers and very cold temperatures.

Here is the Met Office report for the next five days:


More snow showers with sunny spells in between, feeling bitterly bitterly cold. Maximum Temperature 1 °C.

Clear spells will develop. It will be very cold, with a widespread severe frost. Minimum Temperature -9 °C.

Scattered snow showers will ease through the day, with plenty of sunshine. It will still feel bitterly cold, with the increasing easterly wind leading to a significant wind chill. Maximum Temperature 1 °C.

 Thursday to Saturday:
Exceptionally cold with severe frost and increasing wind chill. Dry at first Thursday morning, but persistent snow later and into Friday. Less cold Saturday with rain and snow mixed.

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