A radical Islamist man promised to carry out a terror attack by ramming a car into a large group of white people before subsequently going on a knife-attack was spared from a custodial sentence yesterday.

Ruzykhan Sayadi, from Southfield Park, Bartlemas Close, Oxford, denied the count of racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

During Sayadi’s trial, which was held at Oxford Crown Court between the dates of January 24th and January 26th, the beginning of this year.reportedly the jury took seven hours and one minute to find the radical extremist guilty by a majority.

As the vile extremist was sentenced, in the court they were told how the 23-year old Afghani asylum seeker was burdened with a long-standing debt.

Ruzykhan Sayadi grew very frustrated with the immigration services, who has been dealing with his asylum claim for many years.

August the previous year, it was heard in court, his anger and frustration had got to immeasurably level when he visited Citizens Advice Bureau in Oxford for financial advice about his ‘considerable debt’ he found himself in.

The Afghani wannabe terrorist was present for a 2pm appointment at CA, who was named in court as Hasan Malik, before too long Sayadi became very angry and starting blasting threats and racial violence.

During his sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC stated:

“You became more and more frustrated about the situation you were in, the lack of asylum status you had.

“You began to express to Mr Malik that you had been patient for a long time and started to talk about carrying out a violent attack.

“Maybe with a knife, maybe with a car that you would drive into a crowd, and concentrating on white people.

“Mr Malik said that you had sworn in a mosque that you would do that.”

It was reported in the courtroom that specialist police were contacted about the threats to commit terror acts, but not really a lot come of it, the Afghani was later charged with a count of harassment.

Sayadi’s lawyer,  Peter Du Feu claimed that the Afghani had become very frustrated with his asylum status but was committed to a life in the UK.

Peter Du Feu stated: “He is in a pretty low state at the moment.

“He is really at a low point because of his determination to achieve asylum status in this country.”

During sentencing the judge,  Judge Ian Pringle QC stated:  “You do need some assistance and some change if you are going to establish yourself as a lawful citizen of this country in due course.”

The potential terrorist was handed a lenient community order for eighteen months and it includes a rehabilitation activity requirement for 20 days and he must attend a Resolve programme. He also must stick to a daily curfew staying at his house between 7pm and 7am also he must pay a fine.

Imagine if the Afghani potential terrorist was a working class British lad in the job centre kicking off and screaming about running over people from another faith or attacking innocent immigrants with knives?


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