Jeremy ‘Communist’ Corbyn’s Labour party, Momentum and The Communist Party of Great Britain are holding a “co-operation” event on the 5th March, next month. The Communist Party of GB are a mainly Leninist/Marxist sect. It would appear Labour are becoming more open about their Communist connections.

The “fraternal” Corbynista convention will be a conduit for them to devise shared aims and policies. Michael Calderbank an officer for Momentum will be speaking at the event called:  “Working With Labour for a Socialist Future”. The poster for the event reveals two red hands shaking each other, on the left a red hand with Labour’s red rose tattooed on it, the hand on the right is has a hammer and sickle which we know is a communist symbol…

Jeremy Corbyn is the same man that hailed Fidel Castro a ”Champion of Social Justice & for being an Internationalist”. 

The main aim of the CPB is to “put Britain on the road to socialist revolution” by the method of “extra-parliamentary struggle.” The CPB proudly supports the Soviet Union, China under the Maoist regime and many other failed communist/socialist governments and states. How can anyone deny Labour is infiltrated by communists and these same communists want to enact Labour Party policies…



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