Former UKIP leader and chief Brexiteer, Nigel Farage spoke to US president, Trump during his most recent visit to the USA. The trip told us that the lengthy Brexit ‘Transitional Period’ that the British government seem to want is confusing and sending mixed signals to the US.

Mr. Farage had a chat with Wilbur Ross, US Commerce Secretary. He went to to tell the Sunday Telegraph: “There are increasing concerns in the administration that a trade deal may now not be done in Trump’s first term.

“They feel that because of the endless series of mixed messages. On the one hand Theresa May says we’re going global, but on the other hand we’re entering a transition deal that takes us past 2020.”

It makes absolutely no sense at all that Pro-Brit/Brexit Trump and his Pro-British administration  are being given such feeble messages from the UK government because of this lengthy ‘Transitional Period’ 17.4 million people do not want it!

Other Brexit-backers were in the US people like Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore, millionaire Brexiteer Arron Banks tweeted a photo and message with Wilbur Ross and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, stating: “The USA want a trade deal with us!”

The UK government could fly Theresa May over tomorrow too sign the deal. Our political elite needs to stop being so timid and leave all negotiations with the EU, walk away from the Brexit ‘Transition’ and finally start forging trade deals!

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