The London Ambulance Service is a National Health Service trust that is responsible for answering and responding to urgent and emergency medical situations within London. They were in attendance at 404 crime scenes where knife, gun and other weapon were used between the start of December 2017 up until the end of January 2018. Patriotic People’s Populist Media can reveal!

In the cold month of December, the London Ambulance Service were in attendance at  208 such incidents, and in January the statistic was 196. That is roughly  6.5 every single day.

Back in 2017, they attended 2722 of these kind of incidents. Shockingly that is 7.5 of these events taking place every day.

These breath-taking statistics go to show just how riotous the capital really is, London is almost out of control.

These stats come fresh after London Mayor, Sadiq Khan had the nerve attempt to protect his terrible record on knife-crime since the start of his premiership as the mayor of the capital, all this while sixteen people have been stabbed to death by cowardly knife-men in the last eights weeks or so.

The mayor harps on about ‘plans’, creating social clubs and youth groups. How will that solve anything? We don’t need soft words, we need to tackle the problem!

These shocking statistics reveal the rate of of these heinous weapon-related crimes that are virtually swept under the carpet.

Tranquillity, peace of mind and respect for the law seem to have vanished in London. The mayor, Sadiq Khan is failing to keep Londoners safe on the streets in the day or at night.

© 2018 Patriotic People’s Populist Media.

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