The sickening normality of these young men being murdered in our capital city, London has been once again put into the spotlight after the recent murder  of  Promise Nkenda in London. He was only 17-years-old.

Karim Samms, Jordan Ajobo and Corey Junior Davis have also been brutally murdered in the past twelve months as well, all of these young men attended the Fight For Peace charity This is according the London Evening Standard.

Jacob Whittingham, Head of programmes for Fight For Peace had this to say “The levels of knife and gun crime in London at present are completely intolerable, with young people in disadvantaged communities being disproportionately affected.”

Whittingham also made a statement on the killing of Nkenga: “What is shocking is the way it has become normalised. All of the young people seem to just accept it. They are desensitised.”

Jacob Whittingham went on to state: “We would not comment on whether or not Promise’s death was a result of a postcode war as it could have been a variety of things. It could be the result of a rival area. We don’t want to say that it was a gang either.

“The sad fact is it could be either one of those or a combination of all of them. What is shocking is the way it has become normalised. All of the young people seem to just accept it. They are desensitised.

“Promise was a big character at Fight for Peace and his presence will be sorely missed by all of those whose lives he touched.”

Our capital is virtually riotous and under the premiership of Sadiq Khan violent crime only seems to be getting worse day by day. Postcode wars/Gang-culture, stabbings, shootings and the cowardly acid attacks are all on the rise and it seems to be getting beyond police control. Anyone that denies that this is mostly down to a Class-A drug-pushing gang sub-culture that we have imported en-mass from the third-world obviously has never spent a day in the real world. We need more armed police officer on the streets of London and much tougher sentences for knife-crime, gun-crime, acid-attacks and gang-crime.

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