Many people will try and deceive you and tell you that businesses in the UK are overwhelmingly against Brexit, it looks like more propaganda from the remainers.

City AM reported, that 63% of big business bosses said they support Brexit personally. Reportedly 53% claimed leaving the EU would be the best choice for the UK overall in terms of the economy and even 53% it would benefit their company.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only the British that have a positive outlook on Brexit. The vast majority of business bosses in Germany for the EU in economic terms and the French business bosses  backed Brexit 71% to 29%.

This is after a survey of 2,500 big business bosses, it reveals organisations like CBI, who attacked Brexit and allied themselves with the remainers because of their Euro-fanatic ideology, these people are not the voice of the vast majority of big business bosses in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, the head boss of the CBI, spoke to businesses across the nation, attempted to urge British Prime Minister, Theresa May to stay in the Customs Union. These silly statements have not fermented very well given this poll.

Leaving the yolk of the European Union’s red-tape and protectionism is the best opportunity the United Kingdom has had in decades to become a fully-independent strong sovereign nation-state democracy again and seize the opportunities trading globally as a super-power brings to the table.

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