A brand-new YouGov poll revealed 48% of people that voted in the poll supporting bringing back compulsory military service in the UK are against it. And 36% are opposed to it.

This comes after a Westmonster poll about the exact same thing and 55% backed national service in the UK.

After French President, Emmanuel Macron declared that he is bring back compulsory national service for women and men. They will have to serve a month in the army to receive “a direct experience of military life with its know-how and demands”.

The French president believes it will enhance patriotism and social cohesion.

Strangely, more women than men support it.  50% to 45%.

supporters and members from Conservatives and the UKIP are the most supportive of compulsory national service, and  66% and 82% come out in favour of it. In regards to Labour supporters 36% support it,  and 49% against it, 42% of Liberal Democrats support it, 45% oppose it.


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