A petition has been set-up  attempting to make the government abolish the foreign aid target of 0.7% GDP. Currently 47,281 people have added their signatures to the petition, if the petition hits 100,000 signatures it might be debated in Parliament.

The petition reads : “The Government currently spends 0.7% GDP on Foreign Aid. This means it will spend over £13bn of taxpayers’ money on projects which could be better spent at home. By 2020 this figure will have risen to almost £16bn. We believe the Government should abolish the 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid.”

In the icy cold month of December, Over 400,000 more young children and 300,000 more old age pensioners were living in poverty then there were 4-years ago, it’s disgraceful that 128,000 children woke up without a home on Christmas day in Britain. All this while our government hands away untold billions every single year.

the situation has become so dire in some communities that schools had to hand out shoes to students and do washing for parents because they didn’t have the money or facilities at home. Scarily some got Rickets which is usually associated with malnourishment. One doctor had this to say to ITV:  “You would not expect to see this in a developed nation.”

In the month of January, there were announcements that thousands of operations had been cancelled and they were turning away cases they deemed weren’t urgent from A&E as the NHS could not handle the numbers. veteran LBC broadcaster said:   “The NHS is getting the thick end of £3bn-a-week. I don’t think all the money that goes in is well spent. But this crisis is unprecedented. Tens of thousands of operations cancelled. Senior doctors will be at the doors of A&E unites across England and Wales to turn away non-urgent patients.

“But then we have £13bn sitting in a fund to providing contraceptive clinics in Malawi but we haven’t got enough to look after patients in Stoke, am I the only one that thinks this is completely insane?”

Wouldn’t it be great if the UK government could completely abolish foreign aid and spend it on sensible and practical things like our armed forces, the NHS, the borders, school and much more! This petition needs 100,000 signatures by next month to enter parliament for debate. You can sign the petition here.

5 thoughts on “Petition Started: To Abolish Foreign Aid Target

  1. Sorry, it will not be any use sending a petition. MP’s have debated the issue and kicked everyone who signed it in the nuts. I read the transcript of the committee debate!!! What a load of tosh. THEY JUST WILL NOT LISTEN!! They are mostly a collection of self serving mice who follow the diktats of their masters. the stinking eu!!


  2. Cut it completely and then send a team of people to help other countries so our money doesn’t get wasted but make sure that everything in this country is sorted first


  3. It’s about time they did listen I worked overseas for a lot of years and seen where the money goes into other peoples pockets not the people that need it


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