The United Kingdom should simply just walk away from the negotiations to see how the European Union does without the cash, and this is according to an EU diplomat as the EU begins to crack at the seams.

This is following EU negotiator Barnier revealed his strange plan and authoritarian demands on the issue of Brexit ‘Transition’ position. Chief Negotiator, Barnier wants the UK to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union, bow to the superiority of EU courts and rules and obviously the multiculturalist wants free movement of people and be forced to accept all the EU rules and red tape with no power to impact these things.


The scariest authoritarian demand and punishment clause EU Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union, Michel Bernard Barnier wants is that Brussels should have the power to ground planes and block trade if Brexit Britain failed to comply with the EU’s authoritarian demands while the ‘Transition Period’ is under-way.

The EU diplomat spoke to the Telegraph:  “Could anyone accept these terms? If I was Britain I would be tempted to say ‘no’   “I would walk away and then see how the EU does without the money.”

A source in Whitehall had their say: “My understanding is the French were cross at the lack of consultation on the so called legal document, which was really an aggressive political opening salvo.

“The Nordics and East Europeans are also fracturing the coalition. Barnier … fears having his legs cut off by the Franco/German alliance. Hence his belligerent tone.”


The British government need to stand up to the bully-boys in Brussels and stop accepting their endless demands. If EU diplomats think the negotiations and terms Brussels are handing us are terrible why don’t our political elite? The British public voted for independence and national sovereignty not to be a Vassal-Kingdom in servitude to the EU non-imperial empire. We need a real genuine Brexit in 2019!

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