Michel Barnier the European Union’s Chief Negotiator has continued his authoritarian approach to the Brexit negotiations by once again listing never-ending demands and the UK accepting the “transition period” and it’s policies remaining until after 2021 is looking uncertain.

Michel Barnier commented on the Northern Irish border and EU rights of it’s citizens in the United Kingdom: “the UK has to therefore accept the rules and obligations until the end of transition”.

The authortarian EU negotiator went on to state:  It also has to accept the ineluctable consequences of its decision to leave the European Union, to leave its institutions and its policies.

“To be quite frank if these disagreements persist the transition is not a given.”

The 17.4 million British citizens that voted for Brexit and independence from the EU and it’s never-ending demands must be outraged by this blatant act of bullying. The British government needs to grow a backbone and start telling the EU where to go with their unacceptable demands, we need a a real, genuine and hard Brexit.

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