Soubry, 61 has claimed she would leave a Conservative Party led by Jacob Rees-Mogg supposedly because of his stance on abortion and Brexit. We are sure he’s not losing any sleep over losing the support of his Euro-fanatic colleague.

She voiced her foam outrage of ‘Moggmentum’ by blasting on  ITV’s GMB:  “I couldn’t stay in a party led by somebody like him.”

The Euro-fanatic went on to say she was “really cheesed off” with Brexiteers pushing for a  “hard Brexiteers” when this is simply just the Brexit the 17.4 million people voted for. Anna Soubry is a Conservative and the Conservatives have a mandate from the people to completely leave the EU and become a fully independent sovereign nation-state democracy so, why does she not forget about the EU and back Brexit?

If ‘Moggmentum’ continues to rise and Jacob Rees-Mogg become the Tory, Soubry could be packing her bags and joining the Labour Party.

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