Knife-crime in London and across the country worsens by the day. Three men have died as a result of being stabbed to death in London in the past two days.

A youth worker called Kwabena Nelson, 22 was murdered by a knife close to his home address in Tottenham. The sad irony was that Kwabena was a youth worker that worked hard to stop people in his local community from joining gangs and potentially killing people.

Hasan Ozcan, 19 was murdered by a knife-man or knife-men in Barking at around 10pm near Gascoigne Estate. People reportedly heard Hasan screaming for for help before he tragically died.

A man called Juan Olmos Saca, 39 stabbed in Peckham but unfortunately died six days after he was first admitted into hospital.

And even last night, a man was stabbed by a gang on Oxford Street as well as the gang attempting to steal his phone.

Knife-crime and a hard-drug pushing sub-culture are to blame for a lot of these recent stabbings and murders in and around the capital. It is spiralling out of the control. How much more blood needs to stain the streets of the United Kingdom before the establishment politicians wake up and smell the coffee? We need more funding for the police and more bobbies on the beat ready to protect the people from these sub-cultured parasites!

Much tougher sentences need to be handed to people that go around shooting and stabbing people so it sends a clear message that we are serious about upholding law and order in this great country.

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