Richard Hardy was stabbed to his unfortunate death in Farnborough, Hampshire during the daytime on the 26th January. Tributes have been placed at the scene.


All five of the sub-cultured cowards have got their first appearance in crown court for murdering local man Richard Hardy in Farnborough.

All five of them were remanded into police custody after their first appearance at Winchester Crown on Wednesday the 31st of January.

All of the murderers will stay in custody until their plea and preparation trial hearing on April 4.

While the emergency services found Hardy, 25 with ‘Multiple Stab Wounds’ by Mayfield road around 1.45pm on Friday 26th January.

Sadly he was announced dead at the scene. No one deserves to die like that.

On the night of 29th of January, Hampshire Constabulary charged five murderous cowards with murder jointly:

Leroy Bosha, 26 from Aldwick Close in Farnborough.

Luther Archibald, 31 from Totland Close in Farnborough.

Luther Archibald, 31

Hashim Siddique, 19 from Fintry Walk in Farnborough.

Hashim Siddique, 19

Qasan Siddique, 22 from Fintry Walk in Farnborough. (Brother of Hashim)

Qasan Siddique, 22

Omar Goodridge, 20 from Montgomery Way in Portsmouth.

Omar Goodridge, 20


Richard Hardy, 25

Some lovely tributes have been paid to Hardy after his death.

In a very moving statement, his family said “Richard was a much loved son and brother who will be massively missed by many. Our hearts are broken.”

Flower tributes have placed around a tree in honour of Richard Hardy.

Three more people were arrested and questioned in connection to Richard Hardy’s death:

A 24-year-old local man was arrested under investigation but was later released.

A 30-year-old local women was arrested but was later released with no further action.

A 16-year-old was arrested on Friday was was later released with no further action.


The murderers firstly appeared at Basingstoke Magistrates Court on Tuesday the 30th of January  but then the case went to Winchester.

We obviously have real genuine problems with second, third or even fourth generation immigrants from the third-world in this country who feel disenfranchised with British society and culture and it forces them live in a culture within a culture. All of these cowardly knife-men were either Crack cocaine dealers or users and obviously none of them have any regard for human life. We are living in a society and community where we have a fifth-column that seeks nothing more than to cause us harm and destroy every fibre of our cultural identity so we are left with the same miss-mash of the same multicultural cultural identity.

If you want more Knives, guns, gangs, terrorists, drugs and general crime ignore this article and call it racist and pretend that I’m making it a race issue, I assure you I am not, I am making this a culture issue.




4 thoughts on “Farnborough Murder Investigation Update: All Five Cowards Charged With Murder Over The Cold-Blooded Stabbing Of Richard Hardy

  1. It was only a matter of time before these drug fuled dangerous cowards were going to murder someone unfortunately it had to be Richard who’s family I know well why did they set him up and stab him 20 times I can’t get my head around this and not forgetting there own parents and family who are also suffering as a result of this herendous crime that could of easily been avoided I’m in no doubt that drugs played a major part I lived on that estate and there was always a police presence but on reading a article from a councillor this is not the case anymore so they must share the blame.


  2. I lived with one of these men who murdered Richard, in 2015-2016 and the house was constantly wrecked, or attacked by them – because the man (Leroy) owed them money and several times was hiding in his bedroom when they were outside hammering on the door = I had to go and get rid of them every time regardless that I didn’t know them and was not any part of their drug using / selling.

    It was fear, Leroy was a good guy WHEN he was good, but that was not often enough and I did everything I could to make him see that. Our road, right next to a school and behind Giffard shops; would have been a lovely place to live but these people were constantly invading it and ruining it.

    In the end despite my efforts, I supported this guy emotionally I gave him time, lent him money – all that time he repaid me with racist remarks (saying I was a filthy Jew c**t and such behind my back), and actually ended up physically fighting with me and I had to call police.

    I actually said to the police (they said there was no evidence it could have been me that instigated and all the drugs stuff could be mine like these people who killed Richard claimed when the cops arrived), I said to the police to their faces outside of the door – “WHAT DO YOU WANT A F***ING DEAD BODY BECAUSE THATS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET” and sure enough I was chased out and moved away, then 6 months later this happens and a man is dead.

    The blame goes to the individuals, Leroy just as much and the ones who managed to get away without charge who know who they are. Their attitude and cultural approach to people, the blatant racism against whites that was totally ignored, and their famillies who taught them to be this way are ALL to blame.

    There is no helping a person who has that culture and is surrounded by idiots with bad intent. Leroy deep down was a nciec guy, he didn’t want to hurt anybody – but because of the influence of the others he ended up in a gang and he was part of the murder. But he couldn’t find it in his soul to say no and leave because he was SCARED of them. They were all fearful of something, and living life as if it’s about to crash and burn – so that’s what they did crash and burn whoever was there with no regard for other peoples lives.

    Terrible tragety that should never have happened – the police should have acted in 2016 when the incidence at mine and Leroys residence happened and I told them there would end up being a stabbing murder. The men should have solved their differences like men properly, rather than doing the whole “fake gangers” bit and acting like horrible terrible evil people.

    The saddest bit, it was predicted because it was obviously going to happen – and nobody did a thing, I was basically told to shut up by ALL the services employees I ranted towards in warning, and then I was moved to a different property as if I was the problem myself. The entire thing, the system of housing, nursing support, the police indifference and stupidity, the lack of CARE in total plus these men being how they were made this INEVITABLE and it will keep happening until something drastic changes, the Government and police MUST change!!!

    RIP Richard, who had his life robbed from him for no reason at all. Those involved should be ashamed forever. Not just these murderers but also the stand-in citizens who saw yet did nothing, and the police who were physically SHOWN and WARNED this would happen almost a fullyear before it happened.

    All dispicable indifferent careless people, who do not deserve to live in a place full of wonderful caring individuals; who are ALL let down by the services and bystanders who were too afraid to speak up when asked.

    Terrible, just awful.


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