Two men have reportedly been arrested in connection to the stabbing. A murder investigation has been started after a man was stabbed to death in Farnborough, Hampshire on Friday, 26th January.

Local residents said there was a ‘Massive’ amount of police in the area surrounding Mayfield Road and Totland Close, near Cherrywood Community Primary School, while the air ambulance also arrived.

One of the Spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said:  “Police have launched a murder investigation following the death of a man in Farnborough.

“Officers were called to Mayfield Road, Farnborough, at 1.45pm following the discovery of an injured man.

“Officers attended with our colleagues from South East Coast Ambulance Service. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Officers are currently at the scene as investigations into the exact circumstances of the man’s death continue. Police have arrested two men in connection with this incident.”

Sadly the man was announced dead at the scene.


Local police officers are still trying to work out exactly why this man was murdered.

At the moment, they are not releasing the names of those involved as they are still conducting investigations(They probably think this could hinder their investigation).skynews-border-control-uk_4147212

A spokesman for the local police service had this to say: “Officers are currently at the scene as investigations into the exact circumstances of the man’s death continue. At this time, we believe we have not spoken to all of those involved in the incident and searches are continuing in the area.

“We have a number of officers in the area so if you have any concerns please speak to them or your local neighbourhood team.”

Farnborough is roughly 37.5 miles away from London but it’s obviously falling victim to the same degradation of community and values. Something desperately needs to change in the United Kingdom at first it was just big cities falling prey to ‘Gang Culture’ & ‘Knife-Crime’ but it’s increasingly spilling out into the towns surrounding places like our capital city London. After all Totland estate was born out of the overspill from London so unfortunately similar sub-cultures and criminal tendencies have occurred.

The government needs to act now!

Hampshire Constabulary are inviting anyone with any information to come forward.

Anyone with information should call 101 and quote reference number 463, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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