The London Assembly report is scary stuff.  London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee conducted a study and found that gun related offences have surged by 44% in London the capital city of the UK since 2014. With ever increasing numbers of guns are being shipped in from all across the globe.

The report  exposes that since 2014, the crimes in relation to guns in the capital city has surged by 44%. The report also tells us that in 2017 452 non-lethal firearms were fired and 318 lethal-firearms were fired. How disgraceful is that?

In 2017 59% of gun crime offenders were aged 25 or younger and young people made up nearly a third of gun crime victims. We are being left with a lawless capital city and an extremely disenfranchised youth, something needs to change.

The report conducted by the committee also found that  a “small but increasing number of weapons originating from Eastern Europe”, yet another example of why we need to get a grip on our borders and leave the EU.

Gangs in London are responsible for nearly half of all crimes where a lethal weapon is fired the report also went on to note. This proves London is turning into a ghettoised multicultural nightmare of gangs, acid-attacks, gun-crime, knife-crime and terror. Sadiq Khan has a lot to answer for he is a failure as a the Mayor of London and an embarrassment as an internationally representative of the UK.

 “We believe that a lot of it (gun crime) is associated with the drugs trade and by that, I mean people dealing drugs at a street
level and disagreements between different groups of people in
gangs dealing those drugs.”

Jim Stokley, Temporary Commander, Gangs & Organised Crime, MPS

According to the report The two main drivers of gun crime in the capital are said to be drug and gang activity.”, how long will these arm-chair politicians sit there idle while the people in London suffer under the Sadiq Khan.

It’s abundantly clear that the government need to intervene in the chaos in London and London needs a new Mayor.

There needs to be more officers armed on the streets of London I don’t envy their job for a minute and hope the Mayor and government properly equip the MET for the job. We need the government to do something before London is engulfed by lawlessness and becomes a complete no-go zone.

Patriotic People’s Populist Media have contacted Lisa Lam, Communications Officer for the Police and Crime Committee report for a comment on the ethnicities of the gun-crime victims and offenders as it was not listed, we await comment.

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