You’d think handing 44.5 Million to the French would get them on our side you’d be wrong. Our Prime Minister Theresa May has now suffered another embarrassing demand at the hands of Macron after he said the UK would have to pay up front to access the Single Market and allow the European Court of Justice to rule supreme.

This is what Theresa May gets for surrendering 44.5 million. 

Should we be surprised? Macron has had Theresa May doing everything she’s been told to and more. So he asks for even more?

The French President, Macron made this relevant statement:  “I’m here neither to punish nor to reward. I want to make sure that the Single Market is preserved because that’s very much the heart of the EU.

“If you want access to the Single Market, including financial services, be my guest. But it means you need to contribute to the budget and acknowledge the European jurisdiction.

“Such are the rules.”

Let me get this straight. ‘Theresa The Appeaser’ bribed the French with 44.5 million for Calais and even offered to take in some ‘Child Migrants’, and now Macron wants the UK to fill up the EU purse? This no country in Europe has had such a bad deal from their European counterparts since the German Empire signed the ‘Treaty of Versailles’. 


One thought on “French President, Emmanuel Macron: Demands More Cash For EU Deal From The UK

  1. Shame on Britain, that let’s Europe to still control our lives. I thought leave Kent leave cull stop. Its time to get on our feet in the street and show our displeasure at Europe blackmailing us into submission, were stronger than Europe and always have been, leave now


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