Our feeble Prime Minister Theresa May has given in again, She has foolishly agreed to pay 44.5 million supposedly to pay for border security in Calais. The next betrayal is she has agreed to take in yet more so-called ‘child migrants’ while many children in the UK go hungry and without a home.

Reportedly the French president Macron threatened to stop security and police to stop guarding Calais unless Theresa May coughed up some cash. That’s what we get for saving France from the dictator Napoleon and saving them in two world wars.

The irony is that EU policies have literally caused all these so-called migrants from the third-world to come to our shores, it’s borders and security are and were a joke and so much so these profiteers literally were and are strolling across borders as they like.

I mean who can blame them for coming after German Chancellor, Angela Merkel said:  ‘It’s our damned duty to help refugees’ these people are supposed to be responsible for protecting citizens of their own countries not the whole world. She also strangely said: “ We cannot close our borders, we have got a 3,000 kilometre long frontier. We would have to build a fence.” It just goes to show you how little they care about their own people.

Just like she always does, Theresa May doesn’t protest in the slightest and does just as she’s told. She has literally negotiated a deal where the UK pays for border security in France and the UK takes in some so-called ‘child migrants’.

The British government should be plugging money into areas the security services at home are under-resourced and deporting illegal immigrants. The Tories have turned way to Liberal and have forgotten about vital services in the UK that need funds like the NHS, schools, housing British people and the military. The French president must be laughing at the British government.

The UK has been stitched up again.

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