British MP’s have voted against a Labour amendment which sole purpose is to soften Brexit further and shackle the UK to European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights by putting it into British law.

The Labour EU fanatic plot called  ‘Amendment 4’ intended for the Brexit withdrawal bill, which was passed last September, was voted against 317 votes to 299 on Tuesday, in spite of Tory EU fanatic, Kenneth Clarke.

Dominic Grieve the former Conservative Attorney General who has been a remainer for a very long time backed the government after be reassured by key ministers.

Reportedly 300 or more amendments were first of all put on the bill, nearly all of them had an ulterior motive to slow down or stop Brexit entirely.

Brexit was supposed to be about regaining our ability to vote on and enact laws in the UK, becoming a fully independent sovereign nation state democracy, forging trade deals across the globe, regaining control of our borders and protecting our culture and heritage but instead our MP’s fight over amendments on a withdrawal bill…

It has been reported that the there are schemes in the House of Commons put betray the British public and enact all EU law into British law after we leave the EU some time in 2019. There are a few exceptions, like the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The report reads: “The Charter of Fundamental Rights is not part of domestic law on or after exit day.”

EU fanatics have generally been against this bill, they argue that it gives the executive too much power.

The government has made the case that these rights have already been covered by law in the UK.

Conservative MP, John Redwood made the following statement:  “that the best guarantee of the fundamental rights of the British people is the will of the British people as expressed through the Parliaments they elect”.

“That is the system I thought we all believed in. I know of no threats to these important rights coming from this Parliament,” he told the house.

“There are not people proposing that they are watered down, and there would be no majority to do so. The guarantee to the British people is that their Parliament will look after their rights.”

Though, Dominic Grieve obviously did not really agree making this statement:  “the whole point about the Human Rights Act was that it added to protections enjoyed under the common law and did so in a way that was compatible with this House’s sovereignty.”

“Nice as it is to rely upon the Executive’s goodwill… that goodwill is not something that we should always rely on,” he then went on to say.

The Labour Party. Lib Dem’s and those traitorous few Tory fanatic MP’s need to do their job and work in the interests of the 17.4 million people that voted to leave the 28-member bloc.

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