The authoritarian EU fanatics are starting to worry. Very clear calls are being heard from the bully boys from Brussels to halt Brexit and trick the UK into remaining in the EU, even the President Of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker added his pennies worth today.

Juncker made this statement in the EU parliament this morning: “Our hand remains outstretched. The UK people, the UK government, may wish to find a different way out. We’re very much willing to deal with them. We are not throwing the British out. We would like the British to stay. And if they so wish, they should be allowed to do so.

“I did note that in London there was a rather irritated response to this proposal. But, note that even if the British leave according to article 50, then article 94 would allow them to accede again. And I would be happy to facilitate that. I would not want to push anyone into a corner.”

And funnily enough this comes just after his EU fanatic colleague Donald Tusk made this cringe-worthy statement: “hearts are still open” to the UK in Brussels.

Is this any surprise? they come grovelling to us just after handing us the worst deal in history since the Germans were  forced into the ‘Treaty of Versailles’. Is this because one of their top net contributors is leaving? This is a very obvious shady attempt to pull the wool over our eyes and stop Brexit from becoming the brilliant reality it will be.

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