The scariest part is it will be the first time since WW2. Sweden is going to send out a guide to every single household in Sweden detailing how to deal with terror attacks just as the security of the country drops.

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The booklet called  ‘If War Comes’ handed out in the 1940’s in the earliest days of WW2 contained helpful hints and tips on what you should do in Sweden is attacked.

The Swedish government will now update that version to tell the people of Sweden how to deal with terror attacks, natural disasters and even war.  Aftonbladet a Swedish newspaper reported.

And that comes after Sweden has been plagued by explosion after explosion, grenades and many more terrorist related incidents.

The government issued booklet is planned to  ‘revive civil defence’, and that means the whole nation will help against an invasion or terror not just the military.

Swedish Civil Protection and Preparedness Agency spokeswoman Christina Andersson made a statement: “There are a number of concepts linked to warfare and military attacks that we have not communicated to people for many years. It is a challenge.”

It is absolutely crazy that liberals, remainers & the globalists all deny these plain and simple facts, Sweden is clearly preparing for war or an invasion from within. A first-world European nation-state democracy. Can you see any other reason the Swedish government would issue this booklet and start preparing their citizens?

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