The authoritarians they call the European Commission are debating if they should extend the strange ‘Transitional Period’  Britain has found herself in, even after Brexit and even beyond 2020.

Originally orchestrated as a period of two years for the UK to leave the 28-member bloc called the EU in name only. Supposedly we are leaving officially in 2019. Virtually nothing will change in our commitments and relations with the EU during this time.

The UK will carry on paying vast sums of money into the EU purse, probably still implement new EU law and regulations, let the EU dominate our territorial waters intended for our fishermen, the Free movement machine will continue to run, and the EU court will continue to be supreme. But I doubt we will be allowed to send our MEP’s to the EU parliament or be in attendance in of the meetings of the European Council.

Key brexit campaigner & former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has had his say on these conditions at the moment as “not a deal” but “capitulation”.

And now the EU is thinking about whether it should or not it should extend the watered down Brexit to 2020 or even beyond that, a number of ambassadors from some of the EU-member states talking about it in Brussels on 10th January.

“The Commission didn’t rule out that ‘the transition period’ could be prolonged.” a diplomat was was there at the time told POLITICO.

The worrying thing is that the UK could be blackmailed into handing away more money, even more than Theresa May and her government dominated by remainers agreed to pay. The EU budget commences in 2021.

One diplomat said: “If there’s an extension that overlaps with the new budget, London will have to pay,”

Nigel Farage envisioned this scheming tactic a long time ago, with EU fanatics on this side of the channel and theirs constantly finding reasons to delay the UK leaving the EU until they can find an excuse to  put a nail in the works.

“It took nine months to trigger Article 50, for reasons I’ve never yet worked out. We were then told, once it was triggered, ‘Just wait another two years; it’ll all be fine’,” Farage declared.

“Now we’re told, wait another two years ‘after that’, and I worry, with the complete lack of vision that this government’s got, that at the end of that two or three year period, we’ll be told ‘Well, we just need a few more years’. He went on to say.

“Let’s be clear: we’ve had the arguments over trade, tariffs, borders — that was what the referendum was about. It was settled,” Farage explained.

Farage is right about everything he has said. The 17.4 million Brexiteers did not vote for a transitional period, they did not vote for European Court of Justice to go on dictating laws to us in our own country, they did not vote to continue mass unchecked immigration into their country, and we certainly did not vote to carry on paying money or give them a 40 billion pound bribe to let us leave.


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