London’s knife crime chaos has tragically seen the death of more young men, they were killed in the streets of the capital city.

The Police in London (MET Police) are looking for information in connection to the four young men brutally stabbed to death.

The first knife attack took place at 11.30 on New Year’s Eve inside Enfield, London an 18-year old young-man was stabbed to his tragic death.

19:35 in West Ham, London a 20-year old man was stabbed to his unfortunate death.

22:40 on the very same day, a 17-year old boy was murdered at knife-point in Tulse Hill.

2:35 on New Year’s Day, a 20 year-old man was murdered with a knife on Old Street, a second man in his 20s suffering critical stab wounds as well.

It becomes abundantly clear that a unprecedented scale of knife-crime and violence ins going on in London. I believe it’s time for stop & search to be stepped up and the Police Service shouldn’t need to worry about racially profiling people as people’s lives are more important than people’s misguided feelings also we need to increase the numbers of Police officers in this country. It’s time to get serious with horrific crimes like this!

5 thoughts on “London Knife Attack Chaos As 4 Murdered In 24 Hours

    1. No not at all these murders did not happen before the Muslims came over to live here it is up to you to stop this or step down from being in a lord major as you are not helping the British are on the British people DON’T FORGET ENGEEOPLELAND BELONGS TO THSESEE BRITISH PEOPLE NOT TO THESE PEOPLE


    2. London has always been a big city. A lot of people have lived and worked in London. There was a time when London didn’t suffer terrorist attacks or knife crime.
      Wonder what happened Mr Kahn?????


  1. if we keep looking the other way, more and more foreigners (Muslims) will be allowed into our country and slowly eradicate our way of life one that has been around for 2000 years or more, the Vikings came and assimilated, the nores men came and assimilated , the Saxons came and assimilated the celts begrudgingly assimilated , so why cant these animals come to our shores for a better way of life and assimilate? No because they want us to assimilate there twisted way of life and turn our glory’s country into a shit hole like there’s as a patriotic English man I say we have to put this right we have got to weather or not we like it put people in charge of our government even if it means electing Britain first or even ukip , these are the only people who have the back bone to stand up against these snow flakes who have control now, we need to start flying the union flag even if any wog controlled council says take it down, remember the pole tax we were out in droves protesting and because of that they amended it we have to come out and protest just like Poland did ,every time you see a muslim demonstration there are thousands well we have to think like they do go into the streets with megaphones and preach the lords prayer or quotes from the bible , any way just some thoughts to bash around.


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